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The Must-Have Snow Tracking App for Snow Removal Companies and Contractors

As the Stark sigil says in Game of Thrones, “winter is coming” — a reality snow removal companies and contractors know only too well! Before ...
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The ‘80s are calling – they want their clipboard back.

Nothing against the 1980s or clipboards (okay, maybe a little against clipboards) but the times, they are a changin’. And if you’re not changing with ...
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Raise the Bar and Up Your Game!

Technology for Fire Door Inspectors, Property Inspectors, and Property Managers For those who work in field service management sometimes the field can be a little ...
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Fire Door Safety Inspection App Focus

Have you heard about our new Fire Door Safety Inspection App yet? If not, no worries – we’re breaking down all you need to know ...
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Property Inspector Resources: Industry News, Helpful Tips, and More

Property inspectors, property managers, fire door inspectors, and the like – these resources can help you stay on top of industry news, the latest technology ...
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You’re Not JUST a Fire Door Inspector!

You may inspect fire doors as part of your job, but if you’re like most who do the same, you’re likely not just a fire ...
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Back to School – Inspecting School Buildings Now That Class is in Session

School is back in session – and with it an opportunity for fire door safety inspectors. Now that educational institutions have opened back up, it ...
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Canadian Fire Protection Standard – What It Means for Fire Door Inspectors

The Canadian Fire Protection Standard describes requirements for the departmental fire protection coordinator with respect to the protection of federal real property, and the safety ...
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Should Farmers Face Increased Fire Door Safety Regulations?

The best kind of barn fire is one that is prevented — but sadly that isn’t always happening. In Ontario, farms are exempt from mandatory ...
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