Uniquely located in Canada, eh? For the past 10 years the mpengo team has been developing mobile apps.  Our customers have the opportunity to purchase from our suite of available apps, or contract with us to develop unique and proprietary apps for their private specialty needs.

About Us

App development with usability in mind...

We’re a  small shop, but our development team features a group of highly educated individuals, each with specialties that suit today’s intensive digital era. We are experts in website design and interface, cloud and security, and app development. Some of our staff even have advanced certification in professional management skills (e.g. Schulich, Fire Inspection training) to ensure our projects are on time, under budget, well documented, and efficient.

Our greatest skill, however, is the human interface.

Have you ever seen an App that at first glance has everything you need, but as you use it, you find it impossible to navigate? At mpengo, we focus on and excel at creating Apps that are simple to use, intuitive to understand, easy to operate and deliver as promised.

Where other development teams end, we take it a step further. When more industry background knowledge would give our client a better product, members of our team even enrol in specific education classes to achieve a better grounding in the business. For example, when developing a recent fire inspection app, besides consulting with a number of fire inspectors throughout the country, our team enrolled in courses and achieved industry certification in fire door and hardware knowledge.

Plus ServiceCall+_1024

Service Call Plus (iPhone)

Our proven field service app is now available for the iPhone!  Fully compatible with our iPad version, Plus has even more features to help your manage your business!

FREE unlimited version for 30 days, then decide to continue with a free (limited) version, or upgrade to keep all the extra features, plus!

Service Call

Service Call (iPad)

Our proven field service call management app designed for skilled tradespeople in service call-based industries: manage your call on your iPad!

Service Sheet

Service Sheet

Do some of your inspections and maintenance jobs require an important, detailed check-off list?  Design & use high quality check-off forms – from visual inspection right to invoice

mpengo Field Service Pack bundle

Field Service Pack

Want a full, comprehensive solution? Service Call (iPad) + Service Sheet + a 30-Day free trial of Dispatch Board: a powerful bundle. (Also compatible with Service Call Plus for the iPhone)

Dispatch Board

Dispatch Board

Using any browser, sign into your personal dispatch board. View the dispatch board, manage the customer call center, and post and dispatch calls – to ANY smart phone, or to your mpengo Service Call (iPad) and Service Call Plus apps!

Snow Tracker

Snow & Grow

Run your Snow Removal and Landscaping business better. Manage and keep track all of the work you or your crew do, and protect yourself from slip and fall litigation.  In the summer, flip a switch and manage your Property Management side!



Produce quotes on the spot using pre-loaded templates or content customized for your business, and get sign-off for accepted quotes right on your iPad.

Job Cost

Manage your bottom line for any number of jobs or projects to stay on track and remain profitable – an easy to use and follow project management app for your iPad

Fire Door Safety

Fire Door Safety Inspection

A fire door safety inspection app for property managers and inspectors. Developed in concert with certified inspectors and world recognized associations.

Try it for FREE, unlimited for 30 days; later, use Apple’s In-App Purchases for more inspections

Food Lover

Balance Factor


FREE – following the success of Food Lover, the Balance Factor app with daily tracking, meals management and design, and lots of nutritional aids, we’ll help you meet your goals!

Food Lover

Food Lover

FREE! Nutrition and weight loss management app using Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. Use it to help balance your daily meals!

Dairy Health Check

Dairy Health Check

A cow-side SCC milk testing solution for dairy farmers. Uses a custom microscope accessory that attaches to your iPod, and actually counts somatic cells!

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The Job Cost app is not currently available:

Stay Tuned – We are redesigning this App to add focus to critical areas of Job Cost Controls. This includes: