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mpengo Ltd. was engaged by a Nutrition Awareness organization to develop several health related apps intended to help the public in food and eating awareness together with ground breaking techniques to help in fat loss and general health. To find out more click on the button below!

Ever try to make sense of all the claims and numbers that are plastered all over our packaged foods? Especially when our goal is to improve our well-being and meet our nutritional needs for a healthy, well balanced lifestyle?

Well, rest assured! We’ve been working with a remarkable woman and her team – Shannon Clark and her Balance Factor organization. Shannon and her team have developed an exciting revolutionary concept that she labels as ‘The Balance Factor’ which bundles up all the numbers and arrays of confusing data on food products into a simple, easy to use value that, used in simple day to day food management, ensures a balanced eating and nutritional lifestyle that is directly in line with Canada’s Food Guide and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Under Shannon’s direction and tutelage, we’ve developed for her a variety of new apps!

Food Lover

An app(s) that introduces the public to the concept of the Balance Factor, with an easy to use meal planning app. There are 2 apps, one for the iPhone/iPad, and a second that runs on virtually all devices with a browser..

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The Balance Factor

An Apple based app for the iPhone/iPad that is a full implementation of the Balance Factor. It’s complete with Meal tracking, menu design, trend analysis, sugar and glucose tracking and more! You gotta give it a try!

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The Job Cost app is not currently available:

Stay Tuned – We are redesigning this App to add focus to critical areas of Job Cost Controls. This includes: