mpengo Snow & Grow
An App For All Seasons

Run your Snow Removal and Landscaping business better. Manage and keep track all of the work you or your crew do.

Give your clients more value than your competition.

How Can mpengo Snow & Grow Help Your Business?

Complete all of your reporting requirements in your iPhone or iPad. Provide instant documented proof of clearing and salting in text and site photos.

Record dates of visits, snow conditions, salt logs, and your notes. Create reports for your business and send to clients, insurance adjusters, and others, and avoid extra administrative work when legal liability (slip and fall) issues from your property owners come to you. Recently we added yet another 24 questions to the logs – 8 for Services performed, 16 for Equipment used

NEWLY ADDED is a Billing Module that lets you record equipment used and work performed to produce a Billing Worksheet for use in billing or as a backup to your invoices!

FURTHER, we added a utility that lets you sync up the Crew Logs, and send them up to a Head Office iPad or iPhone where ALL the reporting & historical storage can be done – and ANOTHER utility that lets the Head Office set up all the Property Locations, Settings and Billing tables, and then send them out to the crews’ devices to keep them all in line

If you’re also a property maintenance firm in the summer months, did you know that Snow & Grow has an Enterprise setting to flip you to Landscaping? For summer Landscape work, flip’ the Enterprise switch, and your app now can manage Landscaping jobs with an entirely different set of Log questions geared toward that industry. Watch our video to see how easy it is to go from SNOW to GROW!

All mpengo Ltd. apps provide free future updates.

All mpengo Ltd. apps are supported with FREE 24/7 email client service.

         mpengo Snow & Grow Features:

  • Record daily snow removal, salting, and property visits, complete with time and date stamped photos
  • Customize the information required in the daily logs
  • Send salt logs and reports to clients for any period – daily, weekly, or monthly – providing an invaluable record for property managers, commercial property owners, insurance adjusters, and landscapers with snow removal crews
  • Upload your logs back to your office computer for detailed record keeping, including photo attachments
  • Store property information and important contacts
  • Use the Billing module to record equipment used and work performed for invoicing, or an invoice backup
  • Flip the Enterprise switch to Landscaping to manage summer Property Maintenance

Download mpengo Snow & Grow HERE today.

Work smarter, faster, everywhere with mpengo.

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