On your laptop or office computer, manage incoming calls and easily dispatch calls to your field technicians, with call info sent automatically to their smartphone or their iPad equipped with ServiceCall.
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Use with mpengo Service Call for seamless integration to your technician’s iPad – dispatched calls are loaded right into the app. Use even without mpengo Service Call for technicians using other devices.
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Customize your Dispatch Board to meet the needs of your industry and run using any device on mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop - so you don't have to rush back to the office.
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mpengo Dispatch Board

Dispatch Board

You need to run your small business better than a big business. If you operate a Field Service business with two or more technicians, you can run a Dispatch Board to receive incoming requests, plan and schedule technician calls, know the status of all calls, and link yourself with others in the field. It’s cloud based and works from any device, so you can dispatch from everywhere, including client sites.

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Dispatch Board

Dispatch management software for skilled trades professionals
mpengo Dispatch Board
  • Manage incoming calls and be a centralized call centre everywhere your work takes you.
  • Dispatches are seamlessly sent to our mpengo Service Call app
  • Schedule and dispatch jobs for every technician in the field.
  • Send all call information - the date, time, customer info, and job details - directly from the dispatch board.
  • View all past, current, and future calls in one place.
  • Store the history of each client call for later reference.
  • Grow your customer relationships.
  • Scalability - grow your business to any number of technicians.
  • Reporting - understand your business with built-in reporting and analysis tools.
  • Automatically update the dispatch board when a technician completes a call
  • Understand your business with built-in reporting and analysis tools
  • Service Scheduler - Included with Dispatch Board
  • Store contract details and customer call preferences like day, time, and technician in your Dispatch Board’s scheduler
  • Automatically create future calls based on contract details
  • Generate call notification emails for your customer

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