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Developing a mobile app that adds value to your customers and generates new revenue for your organization is not only a great idea, but also one that many small to enterprise-level organizations are pursuing.

mpengo Ltd. is an award-winning Canadian app development company that has created custom mobile apps for companies as well as our own industry-specific apps available for download in the Apple Store.

Mobile App Development Services

We have a number of apps under development right now for a variety of customers:

Hospitality Industry

A browser based ‘Front Desk Instrument Panel’ for a Hospitality client that consolidates information across the entire chain and provides metrics and important data from an executive summary position with ‘drill-downs’ right down to the fine details

Landscaping Industry

For a landscaper specializing in home and garden services, a browser based app that streamlines client workload every season, with order control, staff scheduling, and product procurement

HVAC Industry

For an HVAC organization, a mobile app that works with third party hardware to closely control furnace efficiencies

Project Management

For project managers, a new mobile app that optimizes the manager’s tasks and ‘to-do’ or ‘punch’ lists

If you have interest in having a specialized app for your business, or even if you just want us to add a feature to one of our many existing apps, just drop a line for our support team at and we’ll chat with you on ways we can help you streamline your business!

When you choose us to work on your project we:

Testimonials & Reviews

Awesome fire inspection app!521 Sharktown
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Our company has been using the Fire Door Safety app for some time now and are extremely impressed. Plus, the cost is extremely economical. Inspections are much more expedient than a previous program we were using. The reports are thorough including photos of each opening. Gary is a pleasure to work with whenever I have an issue or question and always solution or answer. If he doesn’t he will research it to get you the resolution. They are the real deal for fire door inspections.
Fast and easy to set-upby TheOriginalMod
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The techs love this as our inspections are far easier AND faster to go through. With no paper to carry around and an all in one app- the reports can be sent out whenever you have a wireless connection instead of having to be on the internet to use it is a huge advantage for any company. Our clients love the reports that are generated as they can forward them to head office and they are easily readable. The ability to add notes when using this saves a lot of our techs time and is a fantastic feature as well.
Best tool on my truckby AC Dude
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If you have a service company and an iPad, and you are using paper invoices you need this app. It’s that simple. If you have a flat rate book for repairs it’s even simpler put your job info in and use the same job kit over and over.Customers info stored with a map, equipment info, notes, times in and out, attach photos with narrative, did I say PAPERLESS! At the end of the week send a report back to enter into QB's. And maybe soon… We won't need QB's (hint Mpengo). Best tool on my truck.
Thank you for your quality product and supportby Jon Harvey
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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the team at Mpengo. Their product is working well for us. And every time I email support they get back to me right away. Thank you for your quality product and support. Jon
Awesomeby AllWires
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Worth every penny. Great customer support! I run an electrical repair service with this app.
Thank you!by TheOriginalMOD
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After reading about your software on a forum, we decided to take the plunge and try your software for a week. Guess what? Both our clients and techs love it. It smoothes out the process for both the business and the client. And to be able to create and upload from the office via email and a spreadsheet is a genius idea. The tech support is fast and amazing. After two minutes via email, all our questions were answered. The follow up email and manual sent after the purchase is an excellent idea and greatly appreciated. We have since purchased..
Not Just for the Service Trades!by iDBlaze
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I was not aware of any business management app that was specific for the creative services that I offer, but thought because I offer services, products, do location work, and have a reasonably sized customer base.. why shouldn't this work for me? So I purchased the app, and gave it a try. The app was more customizable than I first realized, and is helping me keep an organized list of my customers, the services I have performed for them and their invoices. I had a few questions regarding custom labels, pricing details and importing and exporting data, which were answered in literally a few minutes by their support, which is built right into the app. That impressed me, and gave me even greater confidence to get a little deeper into it, knowing that the company makes this level of support a priority.

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The Job Cost app is not currently available:

Stay Tuned – We are redesigning this App to add focus to critical areas of Job Cost Controls. This includes: