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What’s New with mpengo’s Fire Door Safety Inspection App: July & August 2019 Updates

Over the past months, we have had the pleasure of working with a number of inspectors countrywide who were testing or actually working with the ...
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Free eBook: Swinging Fire Door Inspection in 1-2-3

When swinging fire doors aren’t part of your regular inspection process, they can be challenging to inspect. Swinging fire doors tend to take more wear ...
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Solutions for Expediting Fire Door Measurements

When performing an on-site fire door inspection, one of the most time-consuming parts of the process is taking measurements. But this is also one of ...
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2019 Amendments to Ontario’s Fire Code

The Ontario Fire Code lays out provincial law for adhering to fire safety standards. It provides measures for the fire safety or persons and buildings, ...
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Would First Nations Benefit from Following Ontario’s Fire Codes?

A recent tragedy in a Northern Ontario First Nations reserve has some questioning the reach of Ontario’s Fire Code. In early May, five residents of ...
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Free eBook: Digitizing Your Fire Door Inspection

Routine fire door safety inspections have become regulated and commonplace in North America, especially if you oversee property or facilities management. When a fire door ...
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Cutting Down on Inspection Technology – Doing More with Less

Fire door safety inspectors often have a lot to bring with them to the job. You might require: A clipboard and pen. Standardized forms. A ...
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School Safety Vs. Fire Safety – Who Wins?

There is an interesting debate happening in the fire door safety industry right now: when it comes to schools and educational facility, what comes first ...
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Free eBook: Becoming the Paperless Fire Door Inspector

Whether you are an organization employing staff who perform fire door inspections, or you are an independent fire door inspector, time efficiency directly relates to ...
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