Property Inspector Resources: Industry News, Helpful Tips, and More

Property inspectors, property managers, fire door inspectors, and the like – these resources can help you stay on top of industry news, the latest technology and trends, helpful tips, hot-button topics, and more.

There are many great resources available for field service managers. Here are a few of the ones we love to keep on top of:

  1. DHI

DHI Canada represents the architectural openings industry in Canada, including fire-rated doors. DHI’s reach also extends internationally, with affiliations in the United States and beyond. Find industry news, education resources, codes, events, and more.

Visit the DHI Canada website:
Follow DHI Canada on Twitter:

Visit the DHI website:
Follow DHI on Twitter:

  1. Door Security & Safety Foundation

The Door Security & Safety Foundation runs awareness and education activities surrounding fire door inspection requirements. They have guides such as “Guide to Annual Inspections of Swinging Fire Doors,” “Field Reference Digest for Inspecting Swinging Fire Doors,” and more.

Visit the Door Security & Safety Foundation website:
Follow the Door Security & Safety Foundation on Twitter:

  1. Canadian Fire Safety Association

The CFSA promotes fire safety awareness and education nationally across Canada. Members include government, businesses, and educators including architects, engineers, fire officials, building officials, fire protection consultants, manufacturers, the insurance industry, teachers, and students.

Visit the CFSA website:
Follow CFSA on Twitter:

  1. NARPM

Based in the United States, the National Association of Residential Property Managers has tons of resources for managing single-family and small residential properties.

Visit the NARPM website:
Follow NARPM on Twitter:

  1. The REMI Network

Looking for real estate management news and industry information? Look no further than The REMI Network. The website includes resources from the first stages of a property’s development planning, all the way through to its occupancy, management, and maintenance.

Visit The REMI Network website:
Follow The REMI Network on Twitter:

  1. IREM

The Institute of Real Estate Management is an international body that offers training, professional development, and resources for any career stage.

Visit the IREM website:
Follow IREM on Twitter:

Property Management Apps

We can’t talk resources without looking at emerging technology. Some tools are making it easier than ever for field service managers to save time, save money, and produce better quality work in less time.

Here are our top recommendations:

  1. Fire Door Safety Inspection App: Inspect fire-rated doors from the palm of your hand, cutting your reporting time by up to 70%! Download a free trial:
  2. Service Call: Record a service call, the problem, and the work performed all while tracking your time, materials, and any additional charges. See details:
  3. Service Sheet: Create customizable checklists for any type of call so you never miss a step. Design a custom question form and always get the client information you need. Invoice faster than ever before. See details:
  4. Dispatch Board: Your on-the-go customer relationship manager. Dispatch incoming calls from anywhere. Do you work with multiple service technicians? Co-ordinate schedules in the field. Record client details and view histories. Download a free trial:
  5. Field Service Pack: Combine the power of Service Call, Service Sheet, and Dispatch Board with Field Service Pack – the most affordable way to use all three tools! Download now:

Tell us – what are your favourite field service industry resources? Share your top publications, technology, and more with us on social media.

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