Back to School – Inspecting School Buildings Now That Class is in Session

School is back in session – and with it an opportunity for fire door safety inspectors.

Now that educational institutions have opened back up, it is a good time to check in with school boards to see when they last had their fire-rated doors inspected.

Even if they already had their doors inspected over the summer break, you could potentially book business for next summer or over any school holidays. And if they haven’t had them inspected, you can emphasize the importance.

You can also think outside of the box about what types of institutional buildings you are targeting. Many types of buildings will be once again filling with people. Some examples are:

  • Elementary schools
  • High schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Trade colleges
  • And more.

Some might also be facing shifts in their structure or layout. For instance, the Toronto District School Board announced some changes for this fall that will have some classrooms closed off. If these classrooms are being shuttered, there may be an opportunity to make sure that the way they are being closed off is fire-safe.

Safety is of the paramount importance – and that is where you come in.

You might consider:

  1. Contacting your local school boards and institutions to see when they were last inspected. Think outside the box here – although the summer period may be over, you might find institutional buildings advertising now that weren’t previously on your prospect lists.
  2. If you have previously worked at an institutional building in your area, checking your own records to verify what the inspection revealed. Was there anything that might need to be followed up on this year?
  3. Investigating safety concerns or issues in your local area, or that could be applied to your local area. In Simcoe County, for example, there was a debate about whether wired glass should be used in fire-rated doors, or if it poses a safety risk of its own. This might be something you could investigate in your own area.
  4. Looking into your local “lock don’t block” regulations. Some schools are debating putting locks on classroom doors for school safety – but it could violate the local fire code. See the discussion here:
  5. Download technology to make the process smoother – particularly when it comes to reporting. Fire door inspection technology can speed up the paperwork process at the backend, so you can spend more time inspecting and less time reporting.

Some tools make it seamless to take photos, record clearances, and compile notes on the go. Download these before you leave the office so you can do quality inspections in less time.

The Fire Door Safety Inspection App from mpengo lets inspectors save up to 70% of their time at the backend. This way you could inspect an entire school or institutional building and have the reports done in a flash — over the weekend or a school holiday.

Download the Fire Door Safety Inspection App here:

Learn more about mpengo’s other apps or see how we can custom design a solution for you by calling 1-855-840-3064 or visiting


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