The Must-Have Snow Tracking App for Snow Removal Companies and Contractors

As the Stark sigil says in Game of Thrones, “winter is coming” — a reality snow removal companies and contractors know only too well!

Before long, wintry roads will be the norm in North America and snow removal companies will be back in business. If you fall in that category, there’s one piece of technology you must have before the first snow falls:

Snow is a snow-tracking app from mpengo that manages and tracks all of the work you and your crew do.

But if you’re performing snow clearing for commercial and institutional customers, the biggest service you can provide to your clients with mpengo Snow is full and complete documentation of the work performed, with salt and clearing logs, and integrated photos. Why? In these days of slip-and-fall litigation, all it takes is one little slip, and without the proper proof that you did the job, your client has serious problems.

With Snow, the process works as follows:

  • Perform the snow clearing and salting as required.
  • As you finish each potential problem area, just take a quick shot or two to record that the job was done, and done properly.
  • Periodically send the completed reports and logs to your client (or maintain the files yourself).

Just one potential claim against your client, and the service you have provided is invaluable!

And those aren’t the only features. With mpengo’s Snow, you can:

  • Record daily snow removal, salting, and property visits, complete with time- and date-stamped photos.
  • Customize the information required in the daily logs.
  • Send salt logs and reports to clients for any period – daily, weekly, or monthly – providing an invaluable record for property managers, commercial property owners, insurance adjusters, and landscapers with snow removal crews.
  • Upload your logs back to your office computer for detailed recordkeeping, including photo attachments.
  • Store property information and important contacts.

Not only will this help you streamline your snow removal operation, but it can also help avoid extra administrative work if you have a legal liability issue (such as a slip-and-fall) or a client contesting work done.

Winter may be coming, but you’ll have a more productive season than ever with the mpengo Snow app.

Learn more about the app in a demo video:

Download your copy of the app today at


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