The ‘80s are calling – they want their clipboard back.

Nothing against the 1980s or clipboards (okay, maybe a little against clipboards) but the times, they are a changin’.

And if you’re not changing with them, your fire door inspection business might not necessarily be left behind – but you could be sacrificing efficiency, money, and clients.

Do you:

  • Still carry around a clipboard?
  • Use a two-or-three-part form that hasn’t changed design since Reagan was in the White House?
  • Write down any comments about the inspection performed… on your hand?
  • Rip off the top copy of the carbon pad to give to the client as a report?
  • Throw your carbon copy into a filing cabinet, never to be seen again?

Here’s the thing – it’s not that these processes don’t work. So many inspectors wouldn’t have been using them for so long if they didn’t. It’s just that there are new ways and new technology that make these a lot more effective.


  • Carrying around a clipboard.

A clipboard is clunky, gets in the way, and is one more thing to lug around. It wastes time writing down all the information by hand. And depending on the inspector’s handwriting, the paperwork may be hard to read when it comes time for reporting.

And speaking of reporting, it takes much longer to create your reports when you have to enter the information in manually, like from clipboard to computer.

A better solution is to use a checklist on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Using a two-or-three-part form designed in the ‘80s.

First of all, this type of form might look outdated – and if the client sees it, this could make you look behind the times.

But further than that, these types of forms just aren’t as efficient. Like with clipboards, it takes more time to record everything. You need more equipment. There can be legibility issues. The list goes on…

A better solution is to use an up-to-date form on your phone or tablet.


  • Writing down any comments about the inspection performed… on your hand.

What if you wash your hands? Enough said about this one…

Better solution: Keep your notes on your phone or tablet.


  • Ripping off the top copy of the carbon pad to give to the client as a report.

This may seem quicker than doing a full-blown report at home, but if your competitors are doing the full-blown reports, what will your client think?

Plus, this doesn’t allow for extras like including photo documentation.

Better solution: Prepare reports with the click of a button using technology.


  • Throwing your carbon copy into a filing cabinet, never to be seen again.

It’s good to store your reports but, again, this just isn’t as efficient. What if you need to pull up the report for reference? Or if a client calls and has a question? Now you have to go digging around in your files.

And it can also make it hard to do follow-ups, like if you inspect a door and want repeat business or need to do a re-inspection in the future. You have to make a manual reminder on your calendar or remember to pull the file next year.

Better solution: Store reports electronically for quick recall and automated follow ups.

Like we said, it’s not that these methods don’t work – they just could be working better for you.

Look at other processes you’ve automated from the ‘80s until now.

  • Going from rotary phones to smartphones…
  • Changing from paper maps to GPS…
  • Switching from the bunny ears antenna television to on-demand TV…

The old way worked, sure, but the new way is much more efficient and convenient with more capabilities. That’s what we want for you!

If all the competition is embracing newer methods and you’re not, that could be a problem. If all your competition is still using old methods and you switch to newer, more efficient ones, it could put you ahead of the crowd.

  • Ever thought about supplying photos during your inspection to point out deficiencies or concerns? (A picture is worth… Well, you know the phrase.)
  • Ever thought about being able to do a quick inquiry on your smartphone or tablet when a client asks a particular question?
  • Ever thought about tagging the door with a custom label with your name, your logo, and a barcode? Besides the free advertising and repeat business, just scanning the barcode with your phone would get you all the details about this door opening.

All of this is possible (and quicker than you might think) with fire door inspection technology.

We know making a change to new technology is a big decision – but think of all the ways these kinds of changes have improved your job and your life.

That’s why mpengo has developed a tool specifically for fire door inspections that is designed to save you money, create more efficiencies, and risk less costly mistakes. Plus, we can onboard you through it with our excellent support and customer service.

Check out the Fire Door Safety Inspection App at There aren’t many apps out there geared specifically to your trade — this is a good one.



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