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Run your Snow Removal business better. Manage and keep track all of the work you or your crew do.
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Manage your business on iPhone or iPad
Manage your snow removal business and keep track of the work done for clients immediately, all on your iPhone or iPad. Special features help manage documentation for your clients’ liability and litigation concerns.
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Share Instantly or Schedule It
Send snow removal reports and salt logs to clients as soon as a job is done or automatically on a set schedule.
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Protecting your clients (& yourself) from needless 'slip & fall' litigation is a big deal nowadays! Run your Snow Removal business better and provide your customers with better records using your iPhone or iPad. Manage the details of visits and track all work done - locations and dates, snow conditions and temperature, salt quantity, and include photos. mpengo Snow also lets you create and send reports immediately to clients, insurance adjusters, or anyone.

NEWLY ADDED ! A Billing module that lets you record equipment used, times & work performed, and sand/salt applied to produce for you billing worksheets for invoicing or a backup to your invoices!

$9.99 • Free Support & Upgrades

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