Service Sheet for iPad Version 3.5!

mpengo ServiceSheet 3.5 is available now in the App Store!


Some of the primary new features include:
• attach photos (up to eight) to a service sheet
• compressed backup, optionally including photos
• alpha-numeric answers to questions in a category on the service sheet
• can now override the layout choice of answers in a category.
• can set a default answer to be used for the layout; can override this default for a category
• fixes to resolve issues with iOS 9
• can use activity share sheet (instead of simple email option) to share reports, sync files, and backup files
• can enter a name for the backup files (very useful for support and also for storing backups for multiple devices)
• debug / diagnostic options to help diagnose issues with the app: includes writing log messages to a file in the sandbox
- viewing information in the log file
- sending a copy of the log file to support
• user can now provide alternate phrases for specific terminology in the app. (these are: License, Service Tech and Summary Notes)
• new options for sort order in customer Service Activity, Customer Summary and invoice Register reports
• option to now run the customer service summary for all customers or a specific customer
• option to include a copy of referenced service sheet when running the customer Service Summary by an individual Customer