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by XR-Surfers on Tuesday, July 10 2012 version 2.1

I am a General Contractor specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels as well as home upgrades. Quite often I will get a call for a repair or a simple upgrade that the home owner does not want an estimate (because of the size of the job), and that is where I use my "Mpengo Service Call app. This is the best app ever for these kinds of calls. I show up, do the work, and invoice the customer right then and there. I hand my iPad over to my customer, they sign it, write me a check, or pay me cash, and then I complete the call by sending them their receipt. All this before I ever leave their home.

I love this app for several reasons...I no longer carry a clip board with me and those silly forms that you pick up at Staples for invoicing. This app allows me to set myself apart from my competition. I look more professional to my customers, and I am more organized with my book keeping and my time. With Mpengo Service Call, when I complete the job, ...I am done. There is no going back to the office to fill out more paper work, or input the data into the computer, when I leave the job...I can go straight to the bank, and then to the next job. Mpengo Service Call has saved me hours each week in busy work. I am able to focus on more important things like building my business.

I have several of the Mpengo Apps now (Service Call, Quotes, Projects, & TimePaths), and I absolutely love how they all work very smoothly with one another. I use these Apps so much that I have set them up on my iPad as the 4 major apps on the bottom of my main screen.

Thank you Mpengo for producing the best Apps on the market for a business owner.

From a U.S. app store review of mpengo ServiceCall