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mpengo TimePaths is the app you need to create plans quickly, easily, and anywhere. mpengo TimePaths brings project planning and scheduling to the iPad. Finally you can move away from desktop bound planning software and create plans and charts for your client project or for your own business when you are mobile. By simply listing your tasks and some details, you can produce project timelines which are easy to read and understand.


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FiveStars  "I am a general contractor in So. California and I have written several reviews regarding the mpengo Apps. I now currently own and use 6 of mpengo’s apps. I love all of these apps. I use Quotes, Projects, & Time Paths simultaneously, and am very pleased.  I can quote the project, once I get the ok from my client, I export it to Projects, and then schedule it in Time Paths. This has saved me time in my scheduling. I have set up my Time Paths so that I can look at all of my projects for the month to see what days are open…for more projectsJ I also have each clients’ project created in the TimePaths, so I can review the progress of the clients project while we are working on it, to see that we stay on schedule. If a situation comes up that may affect the schedule, I can make adjustments right away and inform any future clients of the change in the schedule. My clients are impressed with how well I keep them informed of the day to day progress of their projects. I could not be this organized if it were not for the mpengo Time Paths app. I use Time Paths for all of my projects during my working hours and use the calendar for any appointments outside of my business hours. The app has made my business life more organized and therefore less stressful.                   ...Thanks again to the mpengo App staff for creating such wonderful apps. 

I also want to give a shout out to the support team. I have not had any issues with operating any of the apps on my iPad. I have had questions with wanting to do things a certain way and they have been there to show me how to do what I wanted and in some cases walked me through it.

Thanks to all of those at the mpengo office"  ..... Xtreme Renovations

mpengo TimePaths


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mpengo TimePaths for iPad

mpengo TimePaths uses your iPad to effectively create and manage a project schedule from start to finish on-site. mpengo TimePaths has all of the important features of complicated desktop programs, but it’s easy to use and understand.

You can use mpengo TimePaths as a stand-alone app, or you can use it with other mpengo apps. Work created in mpengo Project and mpengo Quotes can be easily exported to mpengo TimePaths to make developing a new project schedule simple.


mpengo TimePaths brings you:

- Instant set-up. With a couple of quick settings your app is configured for use and you are ready to manage your project schedules.

- Ease of use. Anyone will find it easy to create a project plan with a few taps on the iPad. A sample project is included to help you get started.

- Tools for importing and exporting of TimePaths and schedules, and for integration with other mpengo apps

- Templates for even easier ways to create new project TimePaths

- Integrated eMail and Airprint for all of your reports and data

- Built-in mpengo Support with the tap of a button

With mpengo TimePaths, you can:

View tasks by Activity or by Date

Review your plan in a written detail view or as a visual chart

Indicate fixed start dates or establish dependencies and plan the start of a task based the end of another

Assign resources to tasks for planning or for later analysis

Use templates to set up standard projects and easily transfer them into new projects

View a variety of reports including TimePaths, Charts, Resource analysis, and more

Export TimePaths and templates information to a spreadsheet compatible format for use in other programs


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mpengo TimePaths Available in the app Store now!


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