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Spring 2019

mpengo Stories
from Stew Murphy

I was recently speaking with Randy Fisher, repair man and mpengo client. He was happy to share his story with our readers and other mpengo users.

Randy started his appliance repair business - Handy Randy’s Enterprises – about three years ago. Starting as a one-man company he has become increasingly busy. He’s expanded and has now hired two additional technicians.

When he first set up his business he decided to go with mpengo apps. He uses mpengo Service Call to manage his on-site work and has combined this with Dispatch Board to manage the calls. He says that by selecting mpengo, he can easily co-ordinate his business and offer his customers excellent service. Along with his high quality of work, he says his choice of mpengo tools has helped him to grow as fast as he has.

One of his favorite features with mpengo is the ability to look up work orders by customer from the Dispatch Board and know exactly what was done and by which technician. He’s also made his customers happy with detailed, immediate invoices and the ease of presentation with both the Customer and Technicians’ signatures.

He also gave us a pat on the back for our support. He likes our quick turn-around answers by email or phone and our attention to detail.

If you are interested in learning more directly from Randy, he offered to connect with any of our followers. Contact us at and we’ll put you in touch with him.

Stew Murphy is one of our senior support managers, and has been with mpengo since its inception.




mpengo Service Call and Service Sheet


If you're in a service business and do on-site calls, we have the right apps for you.

With mpengo Service Call, you can manage your calls, create invoices on-the-spot, get customer and technician sign-off, and deliver proof of work done instantly.

And, while on site, mpengo Service Sheet lets you streamline the detailed work of each call, allowing you to create process steps and your worksheet of tasks.

These two apps work seamlessly together, and are also now available bundled together as Field Service Pack by mpengo. Buy the bundle and save 25%.


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