mpengo Newsletter
September 2018

Can You Improve Processes?

Every business of every size needs to understand and use processes. A process answers the question "How do we do... anything". Often overlooked in small businesses, it's an important way to look at what you do, how you do it, and when needed, how to explain it to others. By understanding your processes, you can:

- ensure that nothing gets missed. Tasks or jobs done are more easily managed from end to end, and errors are avoided.

- analyze what you do. This can help you streamline how you work, saving time and costs for you and your customers.

- communicate better within your company and to customers. It's easier to describe how work gets done when everyone is speaking about the same processes.

Take some time to look at what you do as a company and day to day tasks to accomplish your work. What may seem like routine that everyone knows could turn out to be a stumbling block or be turned into a competitive advantage.

mpengo apps are built with process in mind. Once you understand your business processes, our apps can walk you through developing a quote to constructing a building. For more information about our apps and your business processes, contact us.


Export Your Service Call Customer List

There are often times you need to access your customer information for different reasons. In mpengo Service Call, it's easy to export this as a generic file for use by many programs.

In Service Call, simply go to Tools and Export. A tab delimited file is created which you can email to yourself or others for use in Excel, Numbers, and countless other applications.


Stop Hunting for Files

How often have you written something but when you look for it, it's just simply gone missing? You know you wrote it, but where is it now?

Apple's new "Files" app lets you put all of your documents in one place, from any device and from a number of Apple and third party apps. The app lets you browse and manage your files easily. Finally you can use your time working and less time searching.

To use files, you must have iCloud set up with the same Apple ID on all devices.



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