mpengo Newsletter
November 2018

Winter Safety and Customer Service

Whether your field service business takes you to outdoor or indoor sites, winter can be a challenge. Staying safe and being ready is the number one concern for you and your employees, your customers, and your business. Fortunately, with a bit of planning and an eye on the weather, your business can thrive in winter.

Be Vehicle Ready - Ensure safety by winterizing your fleet. Minimize the risk of personal injury and avoid costly down-time of a truck in need of service. In terms of equipment - if you are an HVAC company, for example - focus on the H. Make it easy and efficient to get to the heating parts you need in winter, and store the cooling elsewhere. And, ensure emergency equipment for the vehicle is available and easily accessible.

Weather Wear - If your business is outside, you know this. But often, indoor service visits include some outdoor time that puts some technicians at risk. Ensure everyone has the required warm gear and are trained for extreme weather if your location warrants it.

Build Time into your Call Schedule - When the weather is bad, your customers still need and expect your services on time. Road safety and delays need to be considered in your schedule.

Staffing and Vacation - It's also vacation time, but high demand time for heating and snow businesses. Plan for it. Add staff or consider adjusting vacation schedules to transition seasons.

Communicate to your Customers - Let your customers know if demand for calls is high and keep them informed if weather is changing your schedule.

If your business is Snow, these points are obvious. If you are transitioning from landscaping to snow removal, it doesn't hurt to review winter practices with your team. And, if you don't already have it installed on your iPhone or iPad, check out mpengo Snow to help manage your snow removal business. Learn more here.



Customizing Quotes Created in Service Call

When you use Service Call to create a quote, you can choose the layout and information included.

To customize a quote, go to Settings > Quoting Options and set "Type of Call" to "Quote Only". You'll find the following options:

Charge Details: Select 'Show Details', 'Totals Only' or 'One Value'.
Text on Quote Approval (signature area): If you wish to enter different approval text for your Quote
Quotes Terms & Conditions: Enter any terms and conditions you want to appear on the emailed Quote. Quotation Style: Select the type of layout for your Quotation. 'Quotation' is a letter style quotation; 'Invoice' is similar to a Service Call invoice.


mpengo is the Perfect Gift

For anyone on your list in construction, renovation, and field services, Apple makes it easy for you to buy mpengo apps as gifts.

To buy an mpengo app as a gift:

• From your iPad or iPhone, go the App Store and search for mpengo, then select the app you want to send as a gift.

• Tap the share button in the upper right, and then select Gift.

• Add the recipient's email address and create a gift card - complete with a theme.

• The App Store will step you through directions for completing the purchase as a gift.

Visit our website or tap on any of the icons below to find the mpengo app that's right for people on your list.

Your holiday gift giving has never been easier!



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