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September 2017

Don’t Motivate Your Millennials

We’re up to our earbuds in articles about millennials. There is now a constant stream of articles about millennials – where they live, where they meet, and how they behave. In particular, there’s a focus in business news about how to deal with and motivate millennials in the workplace. It’s time to stop doing this. Don’t motivate your millennials.

Of course, some of the information about millennials is important. Your employees are changing.

Millennials are anyone born from 1980 to about 2000. That’s what makes them important. They’re currently about 30% of your possible workforce, and that number is growing. It’s important to know that they communicate in social media. It’s important to realize they grew up in a world of instant information. And it’s important to know they probably still live in their parents’ basements.

“But how do I manage these people?” all the articles ask. Don’t. Well, don’t treat them any differently than any of your employees. Current business trend news talks about the need for millennials to participate in decisions; to have autonomy; to be “part of the bigger picture”. Isn’t this what all your employees need?

Chances are good that you’ve already created a hardworking, motivated team that understands the goals of your company and their vital role in your field service, renovation, or construction company. Few businesses can last without this. Think about how you or your management created this. Right. It’s by motivating ALL of your staff with the needs that we’re now told belong only to millennials.

What 55 year old doesn’t want to be recognized for good work? What 40 year old doesn’t want independence and responsibility? Sure, some people need guidance and support, but they fall everywhere across the age spectrum.

And in our lines of work, motivation alone doesn’t cut it. We have building codes and safety standards to uphold. That knowledge can’t be just for a certain age group. Everyone needs to understand these guidelines.

So, don’t motivate millennials... but be sure to continue to build strength with all of your individual staff members.


Support Center

A Service Call with no Taxes

In some businesses, you may not be charging your customers tax for your services. mpengo Service Call adds in a line for tax in the invoice you send to your customers by default.

It's easy to remove. Go to <Rates/Prices>. For each item, unflag the box "Item is Subject to Tax". The word 'Taxable' will disappear from the emailed invoice.


Have you tried Dictation?

You may have seen the microphone on your keyboard for a long time. You're probably more ready than you think to give it a try. Out in the field or job site, or even your kitchen table, it takes the hunting and pecking out of a digital keyboard. While it may take some getting used to, hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad users are migrating to dictation.

Simply tap the microphone, wait for a second for the ipad or iphone to start listening, and speak slowly and clearly. In a couple of seconds your words appear, sometimes with surprisingly correct context (it seems to know that the sky is blue and the wind blew).

If you don't see the microphone, go to Settings>Privacy>Microphone and set up permission to use the microphone.

It's a great time saver and especially useful when your hands are needed elsewhere. But, know that you have to be connected for the service to work.


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