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July 2018

BYOD for your Small Business

BYOD. Bring Your Own Device. It's a strategy that's catching on in large corporations but has been around a lot longer in small businesses. When you are a company of two or just a few people, it's more or less expected that you use your own iPhone or iPad. There isn't some large corporate assets department that supplies equipment.

In particular to a small business, a strategy may not have been considered when starting out or adding new people. It's probably time to develop something that documents how you and your company expects you to use your iPhone.

Some of the issues may be obvious, but a strategy for any sized business needs to include security and privacy, responsibility for costs and subscriptions, storage of company information, responsibility for keeping software current, and many more topics.

A quick internet search of BYOD will provide countless articles and templates to help you decide what's important for your business. To get started, a thorough outline can be found here, published by the governments of Canada, British Columbia, and Alberta.


Estimate Templates in mpengo Project

Did you know that when you create a Cost Estimate for a project you can tap 'Save as a Template' and enter a name for the template so that you can reuse it for another project? Then when you create a new project, go to Cost Estimates and tap 'Load Template' to select the template you want to use.

When you use a stored template, you have the option to 'Load Entire Template' or 'Tap the Codes Desired'. To use codes from multiple templates, simply go back into 'Load Templates' and repeat the process.

If you have any questions about mpengo Quotes or any of our apps, contact us at


Lock Your Focus

You already know that when you use your camera app, tapping on the screen sets the focus for that spot. But, often a slight movement will require you to tap again.

If you long press on that same spot, the focus will stay set and an AF Lock notification appears. You won't need to set the focus again if you move.



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