mpengo Newsletter
February 2018

Leadership Skills and your Small Business

As a small business owner, one of your most important skills is being a leader, no matter how small your company. To be successful, a leader has to know where they are taking the company and know how to communicate that to others. And there's more. We found a great summary at BDC. Read 7 Key Leadership Skills at BDC's site.


Service Call and Email Subject Line

I have had several people ask if there is any way to change the word 'Service Call' to 'Invoice' in the subject line of the email. Well now you can!

First go to Service Call settings and select Terminology & Form Options. On the second line you can change the wording for Service Call # to Invoice # or whatever you like. Then when you email the Service Call to your customer the subject line will pick up the wording specified in the settings.

Also, if you change the Type of Call to 'Quote Only', the subject line will use the word 'Quote' in the subject line of the email.


Save Space with iOS11

iOS 11 gives you more storage space, letting you do more with what you already have.

New file formats for photos and video will take up less space. Older images and movies won't change, but from here on in the files produced could take up to half of what they had before.

Messages on your phone can now be synced with iCloud - look in settings>Messages> Messages on iCloud. And, old messages can now be automatically deleted if they are one year old. Look for the toggle in Settings>General>iPad / iPhone Storage "Auto Delete Old Conversations".

In the same Storage section of settings you will also see an option to 'Offload' apps. Now you can delete apps you don't use much, but save your personal data and documents for when you re-install. Perfect for those games that took up too much of your time, but you don't want to lose the level you made it to.

All this said, iOS 11 takes up less space. Just by installing the new system you should see some improvement in space.


Dairy Quality Update

We are following up from the last newsletter on the intent of the Dairy Quality trustee and liquidator to contact interested parties regarding the remaining device inventory.

We've been informed that the liquidator did contact a number of organizations, and has made a tentative agreement with Dairy Quality's former China distributor for the balance of the Dairy Quality device inventory.

As we learn more, we'll let you know.

Also several folks have expressed interest in purchasing the IP rights to the Dairy Quality system. This would include the device rights, all design plans and drawings, all patents and trademarks, a custom SCC slide design compatible with the DQ device (that DQ was ready to release into the market), work done on a Ketosis slide, and potentially the rights to all of the Dairy Quality apps themselves. The trustee is now compiling a complete detailed list of items for consideration.

If you or your firm is interested in pursuing or acquiring full rights to the Dairy Quality system, please let us know here at, and we'll arrange to send you the full details.


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