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Fall 2016

What's Your USP?

Can you identify your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to anyone who asks you about your business? If you're struggling with the answer, take a click over to an article we found on the subject at Mindtools.

At mpengo, our USP is the combination of two things: Great Customer Service and Great Value Apps. We know this from reading our hundreds of reviews.

If your Unique Selling Proposition is a stand-out and you want to share it with the mpengo world, tell us what makes you different at


This just in from the support desk:

There are two new updates in the Apple App Store:



mpengo Service Call 3.6.2

mpengo Service Call 3.6.2 includes changes and updates to the open calls list, customer history report, sync files, and some new formatting. Visit mpengo Service Call to learn more. If you already own the app, update now at the App Store or iTunes.





mpengo Project

mpengo Project 3.0 includes some functional updates and some changes for iOS 9.  Update now at the App Store or iTunes, or visit mpengo Project to learn more about one of our cornerstone apps.





Did you know?

Use your keyboard as a track pad!

iOS 9 makes it easier to select and drag text text on the iPad. Now you can simply place two fingers at once on your keyboard and it becomes a virtual track pad. In this mode you can drag the text cursor around exactly as if you were moving a mouse pointer; take your fingers off the screen, and the regular keyboard returns. To select a word simply perform a two-fingered tap. A double-tap selects a sentence and a triple-tap selects a whole paragraph.


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