mpengo Newsletter
December 2017

mpengo Makes a Great Gift

You still have time to buy the best gifts for your friends and family.  An app from mpengo Ltd. is the answer and The Apple App Store makes it easy. To buy an mpengo app as a gift:

From your iPad or iPhone, go the App Store and search for mpengo, then select the app you want to send as a gift.

Tap the share button in the upper right, and then select Gift.

Now you can add the recipient's email address and create a gift card - complete with a theme.

The App Store will step you through directions for completing the purchase as a gift.

Browse our website to find the mpengo app that's right for people on your list.

Your holiday gift giving has never been easier! 


mpengo Snow Season Again

Along with the holidays, the snow removal season is back. mpengo Snow has become the 'go to' app for hundreds of businesses. It helps manage clearing activities and snow safety by keeping track of clients, salting, and snow removal. With accurate records which can include photos, mpengo Snow also offers you slip and fall legal liability protection for your company and for your clients. And, the app ensures that administration work on insurance claims is as easy as possible.

If your business is snow, it's time to stop using your old spreadsheet - or your even older books and pads - and move to mpengo Snow app.

See mpengo Snow in action on our website or learn more by contacting us at


To everyone from mpengo Ltd.


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