mpengo Newsletter
August 2018

Revisit Your Business Plan

If it was years or just a few months ago since you wrote up that business plan, things have changed. Your business has changed. Reviewing your plan will help you understand how.

By looking at your plan, you will force yourself to answer many different questions:
 • How has the competition changed?
 • How have your clients' needs' changed?
 • What did you assume that turned out to be different?
 • How has technology changed?
 • Are you doing what you expected to be doing?
 • How have your numbers changed?, etc.
Your business plan is not just a document you need for financing at the bank. It's more of a fluid blueprint that needs to be kept up to date to help you guide your decisions.

And if you don't have a business plan, you need one. Even if you don't need it for funding, you need to do this for the sake of your business and your staff. There are hundreds of free templates available online and every level of government in almost every region has planning tools available to help your small business succeed. A quick search will give you the template that suits your business best.


mpengo Service Call 4.2

The latest version of Service Call is now in the Apple App Store and iTunes!

It's now easier to manage open calls. We've added a search bar in the Open Calls list and open calls are now coded by color. Details of the update can be found here.

Learn more about mpengo Service Call at our site or contact us any time at


Connect Others to Your Wifi Network Easily

How many times have you been asked by a client or friend for your network wifi password? Your reply probably starts with "I think it's something like xxx... etc.".

iOS11 makes it easy for you to add users to your network if they are also running that same OS. When someone asks for the password, just stand near them and ask them to search for your network (in settings) and attempt to join it. When they do, you'll receive a prompt asking if you want to share your network password. If you tap Yes, it'll be automatically sent to them and you've granted them permission without anyone having to remember anything.



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