mpengo Newsletter
April 2018

Being Aware of Permission




Online privacy has become one of the more important topics in the information age. As business people, we all have to be aware of who and how we connect with current and potential customers. Not only do we need to comply with various anti-spam laws, more importantly we need to establish and maintain trust with our customer base.

Before sending your next bulletin or offer, have a look at your email marketing platform's policies. Each provider should have a list of what is and isn't permissible. Local laws are different in different areas, so also be aware of the rules in your home area and in your target area. And, before sending anything, think about how you would like to be approached by prospective vendors or current partners.


Service Call Syncing of Customer History

Are you using Service Call and need to sync your customer history between iPads? If so, the most important thing to remember is that each iPad needs to have a different range of Service Call numbers set up in order for the customer history to sync properly.

This can be done in Service Call Settings. Go to the section <Defaults: Tech, Call #'s and Printing>. The Service Call Range can be found at the top of the window.

If you have any questions about syncing or other topics, contact us..


Type With One Hand

This function may not be needed all of the time, but sometimes you don't have both hands free when using your device. Now in iOS11, you can change your keyboard size and its location to make it easier to type with one hand.

To change the keyboard, simply long press on the emoji/globe icon on the bottom left. Keyboard settings and three icons will appear. You can choose left side, middle, or right side. It's quick and easy to switch whenever you want.



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