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April 4
Service Call Update 4.3

What's New:

- Open Calls List can be sorted
- Customer Call History report can be run with a date range
- New feature: Copy a Quote

September 1
Service Call Update 4.2

Whats New:

- Added Search bar in Open Calls List
- Open calls now color-coded by status
- Minor bug fixes

August 31
Happy Labour Day Weekend

To our friends in the U.S. and Canada, here's to a happy Labour Day long weekend.

July 1-4
Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day

To our friends in the U.S. and Canada, here's to a happy long weekend start to summer.

January 15
mpengo Service Call Update 4.0

• Upgraded for iOS 11

• Now works in Portrait or Landscape modes

• Improved layout to automatically adapt to all available device sizes

• NEW: mpengo Service Call can now interact with mpengo Service Sheet: you can share data between the Apps, create a service sheet from mpengo Service Call, and run both Apps side by side

• Minor bug fixes

January 15
mpengo Service Sheet Update 4.0

• Upgraded for iOS 11

• Improved layout to automatically adapt to all available device sizes

• NEW: mpengo Service Sheet can now interact with mpengo Service Call: you can share data between the Apps, create a service sheet from mpengo Service Call, and run both Apps side by side

• Minor bug fixes Dairy Update

January 14
Dairy Health Check Update 7.0

If you have the app on your iPod Touch, be sure to update it now to get lots of new and improved features like:

• More streamlined menus Faster analysis

• Storage of results to the cloud with results available at any time

• Automatic complete backup of all dairy files for your protection

• More online help

• And, the Cow File now includes a 'Full Cow Report' which shows a full year's detail on any cow, including test results, hoof trimming, breeding attempts and results, treatment records, and more.

January 17 • 2017
mpengo Dispatch Board Adds New Option

A new 'Email Calendar Appointment' option has been added to the Settings in Dispatch Board.

An option to include a Calendar Appointment attachment when a call is dispatched allows the call details to be added to your email calendar with an optional 15 minute reminder. This can be helpful for any tech who does not carry an iPad with mpengo Service Call.

December 14
mpengo TimePaths Update

mpengo TimePaths has been updated for iOS 10 and is available now in the iTunes Store.

November 20
mpengo Service Call 3.7 is Now Available

Service Call 3.7 is now available! Be sure to update your iPad to stay current and get all that Service Call has to offer.

October 28
mpengo ServiceSheet 3.6 is Now Available

The latest update for mpengo ServiceSheet 3.6 is available now in the App Store and we are very excited about the new features in ServiceSheet. We have listened to your suggestions and have hopefully been able to fulfill some of your requests.

New Features in Vers. 3.6 Include:

- iOS 10 Compatibility.
- Progress meter for Upgrade and Restore.
- Added multiple pages for Terms and Conditions in 'Text for Forms / Reports'.
- New 'Alternate Phrases' (originally 'Terminology') which allows you to change the text displayed / printed for specific phrases used in the app. These phrases are: Invoice Terms, License, Service Tech, Summary Notes, and Terms 1, 2 and 3.
- 'Synchronize Layouts' allows you to select individual layouts to sync from one iPad to another.

September 10
mpengo Project 3.0 Now Available

mpengo Project 3.0 includes some functional updates and some changes for iOS 9. Update now at the App Store or iTunes, or visit mpengo Project to learn more about one of our cornerstone apps.

June 1
Dispatch Board Trial is Now FREE For 30 Days!

mpengo Ltd. announces a full 30 Day free trial of Dispatch Board. All features are available during the trial.

mpengo's Dispatch Board works seamlessly with mpengo Service Call.

Start your free trial and get up and running in minutes. With the trial we're also offering a free start-up session to get everything perfect to make Dispatch Board even easier to use.

And once you're up and running, you'll keep dispatching with all of your records intact. When you continue after the trial all of your data is retained.

And with all Dispatch Board functions for only $0.50 per day per service person, we're sure you'll want to stay with the board.

Learn More about mpengo Dispatch Board Here

Mar 29
mpengo Service Call can even help a Live Music business!

Our roots may be construction, renovation, and design, but users across different businesses are finding mpengo apps great for their businesses. A user in the recording and live music business recently posted a very interesting review:
Read it Here

Feb 4
mpengo Job Cost Updated to Version 3.0

The New Features/Enhancements are:

1  Improved iOS 9 compatibility
2  Better support for external keyboards
3  Enhanced reports formatting
4  Minor bug fixes

Find out more about what mpengo Job Cost can do for you today!

Dec 22
Colorado Company Selects mpengo apps

Colorado company Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration had some great things to say about our service trade apps.. "This is by far one of the most contractor friendly apps that we’ve used. The main areas of business that the site serves are building trades, service trades, lawn & snow, interior design, and some other minor specialty services which are extremely important to any home improvement contractor out there.."

..Read More Here

May 23
mpengo Project is now only 49.99!

The mpengo Project sale is on now.  For a limited time, get the full app, with all the features to take your project from start to finish, for only $49.99.  Available now in iTunes and the App Store.

Oct 19
ASID Awards One Of Our Own

Congratulations to mpengo's Stew Murphy! He's just received a certificate of appreciation for his outstanding contribution to ASID Florida South for 2013-2014! You always make us proud Stew!

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