Quick SCC for iPhone & iPod

The Quick SCC app allows you to save the time and expense of sending milk samples to the lab with instant, mobile somatic cell count (SCC) testing - when and where you need it!

Instantly know which cows are sick and which ones are negatively affecting your bulk tank averages with the Quick SCC app's somatic cell count tests. You can view real-time images of your actual milk samples directly in the app, save the information to an individual cow file, and compile all of your results with the SCC Impact Reports.

SCC Impact Reports generates a list of cows that have the highest impact on your bulk tank average. You can run the full herd list, or just report the top (highest) 20 cows, and use the aggregated data from the app to instantly make a decision about which cows to exclude from the tank.

$9.99 • One Download Price for the Full App
No hidden In-App Purchases or Monthly Fees

Quick SCC by mpengo runs the The Dairy Health Check microscope device with optically enhanced lens to determine the SCC of your milk. The count is displayed on your iPhone in seconds.

Quick SCC Highlights:
- Milk Testing - Get your SCC results in seconds - directly from the milk parlor
- Detailed Data Storage - Differentiate and store readings accord ing to udder quarter
- Cow History and File Sharing - Maintain sample history in individual cow files and synchronize with other iPods
- SCC Impact Reports - Aggregate all of your SCC data for bulk tank averages
- Import and Export Tools - Interface with popular herd management software
- Instant Cloud Storage - Receive 2GB of instant, free cloud storage
- On-Demand Data - Access your secure data 24/7
- Global Data Aggregation - Assist with dairy research regionally, or worldwide
- Multi- Language Support - English, Spanish, French

The Quick SCC app includes:
- Quick SCC
- SCC Impact Reports
- Data Collector
- Data Cloud
- Access to shareable aggregate results

With the Quick SCC app, you will also be able to anonymously share your milk testing result s and participate in a global project to assist in dairy health research to learn more about factors affecting SCC in milk. If you choose, you can also tag yourself and your milk sample history to unique regional study projects.

The Quick SCC app let s you optimize herd health, enjoy milk quality bonuses, and reduce unnecessary antibiotic and medical costs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Quick SCC works ONLY with the Dairy Quality Quick SCC microscope accessory and testing slides.