mpengo Newsletter
October 2017

Service Call Comments from a User

We periodically check in with members of our mpengo community. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with George of Bee Cool HVAC, an mpengo Service Call user.

George currently has 3 technicians using the mpengo Service Call app on the iPad. Of all the features, his team likes the screen layout and say that it fits their business needs well.

His clients like that he's using the iPad too. With the new invoicing George says they can easily read his bill and pay on the spot. He feels this presents his firm as very professional. And, because of the invoicing, his cash flow has been improved.

The only difficulty he encountered was getting his technicians away from the old paper system. Once they got used to using the iPad, they embraced the new technology.

He is currently working with our 30-day free trial of Dispatch Board. It's working well for him and he likes that the support he gets from mpengo Ltd. is like the support his customers get from him.


Support Center

mpengo Snow Syncing

It's almost mpengo Snow season again. We recently had a customer call us because he was having trouble syncing the property file on one device with that of another so that they'd both have the same information. Not all of the properties were sent to the second device. The solution was easy...

When syncing property files, ensure that address information is included for each property. Only properties with addresses are carried over to the second device when exporting records.


Recycle Your Old Device

You've upgraded your phone many times, but if you're like most people, you're still hanging on to the last two or more, just in case. It makes good business sense - and good environmental sense - to recycle your phone or iPad, or any device, for that matter.

Your old Apple device is likely a good candidate for Apple's recycling program. Depending on the condition and age of what you are turning in, and depending on your location, you may be eligible for an upgrade or a gift card. And, even if you aren't eligible, Apple will see to it that your device receives proper disposal.

Other companies may have similar programs. Be sure to check with your carrier and make the most of your old devices.


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